Tips for finding that expat dream job

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Tips for finding that expat dream job

Finding that dream job overseas is hard enough work for expats besides actually moving to another country and holding the post down.

Focus on your career choice

Expat job markets are competitive. Not only are you up against the cream of your own country, but that of every other country as well. If you are not focused, determined and do not understand your own strengths, you will not be able to convince a prospective employer that you have the qualities needed for their team.

Look inwards and work out what you want out of life. Your financial and lifestyle objectives shape you and your career.

If in doubt, consider taking some psychometric tests so you can look at the results and see yourself as others do.

Research the market

Do your research – trawl the job sites and vacancy pages of web sites. Look at the qualifications and experience of people doing the job you want and compare how you measure up

Put a CV together

Your cover letter and CV will sell you in a few minutes. Make those words work hard for you by honing and fine editing what you say about you. Don’t think outside the box – the HR manager reading your CV will expect to see standard information in a standard format.

Put your profile in public

Build a profile online – LinkedIn is popular and some industries have their own popular web sites. Make sure you show up on Google for the right things, so remove any embarrassing Facebook images and comments.

Finding work is a job

Put some effort in to finding work by putting in the hours and saying no to days on the golf course or down the pub. You don’t want to miss calls and emails or you will always be playing catch-up.

Price yourself in to the market

Employers claim one of the biggest problems with job candidates is they expect too much for the experience and qualifications they bring to the table. Of course you want a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work – but the streets are not paved with gold for expats anymore even though you can expect to earn more and pay less tax than at home.

Lastly, never close the door on opportunity – plenty of managers may so ‘no’ today but suddenly find they have a vacancy that’s an ideal fit for you next week.

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