Teaching English Boosts Graduate Expat Job Prospects

By Financial News

Graduates struggling to find work are being urged to boost their ability to find a job by adding a teaching qualification to their degree to help tackle a growing global demand to learn English.

The British Council has unveiled a scheme which will provide out-of-work graduates with an opportunity to create an exciting career.

However, the offer is only open to those graduates who left university within the last three years and the scheme will, the British Council hopes; provide the quality teachers needed to meet demand.

As well as boosting their employment prospects, the new scheme will offer firsthand experiences of new cultures and help those around the world fulfil their own hopes and ambitions.

To help graduates, the British Council says it will subsidise Trinity CertTESOL or Cambridge CELTA course at training centres in the UK.

Scarce information

This course will provide the necessary qualifications for graduate to move overseas, or find work in the UK, as a teacher of the English language.

Meanwhile, those students who are still at university say they are lacking the information required for them to make an informed choice about whether they want to study abroad.

There are only around 2% of the UK student population in higher education who will study full or part time abroad.

A survey undertaken by the British Council reveals that many thousands more students would be interested in studying abroad and boosting their potential job prospects, but they say there is not enough information available to help them make informed decisions about their futures.

Now, the British Council is to launch a new website which gives all the information necessary for a student to consider whether they should study at a foreign university.

Impress employers

In addition, the site will also give advice on everything from health care and visas to how a student can fund their foreign courses.

A section for parents is aimed at helping them understand the options and what the benefits and risks their child may be taking.

The British Council says there are several reasons for investing in the website and encouraging British students to study abroad.

Not only does this benefit the country in the long-term but in the short term it allows the graduate to stand out from their fellow students when it comes to job hunting.

The study also revealed that many graduates expressed a desire to work and live abroad and having studied overseas first will undoubtedly impress potential employers.

The British Council is now urging students to use its website and exploit a great range of opportunities which are open to them when it comes to studying abroad.

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