QROPS Timeline – Infographic Reveals The Facts

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The iExpats.com QROPS infographic answers all the questions you want answered about Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) but were afraid to ask.

iExpats realised that many of our readers want to know more about QROPS expat pensions, but were concerned that they would face a barrage of emails and calls from salesmen if they approached some less scrupulous firms than QropsInvestor.com with their questions.

To help out, iExpats has pulled together a timeline highlighting some of the most important headlines we have carried about QROPS over the years – going right back to when they first started in April 2006.

Many readers expressed confusion over where the best place is to set up a QROPS – and what happened to some of the most popular QROPS financial centres when HM Revenue and Customs revamped the rules in April 2012.

“A lot has happened in the world of QROPS in only a short time,” said Lisa Smith at IExpats.

Putting expats in the picture over QROPS

“We’re frequently asked the same questions about QROPS, so we thought we’d put the information together for everyone to look up without fear of triggering a mass marketing flood of calls.”

The infographic details the changes in QROPS including –

•           Charting the now defunct Singapore QROPS

•           Gibraltar QROPS on-off talks

•           What happened to Guernsey and the Isle of Man as QROPS

•           Changes to New Zealand QROPS

•           Malta QROPS coming on the scene

“This timeline goes in to all the dates, numbers and names anyone needs to know about  QROPS right up to the end of 2012,” said Lisa.


History of QROPS

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