Over 60s Keep Working Because They Can’t Face 20 Years at Home

By Retirement

Workers heading for retirement want to carry on working because they cannot face an average 20 years of filling time at home.

One in four people heading for retirement in 2017 confessed they would rather work at least part time until they are at least 70 years old.

A third said they were not ready to retire and a similar number wanted to keep working so they could save more for their later years.

Only one in 10 would keep their current job.

Instead, 28% would talk to their employer about slimming their hours, while 29% would look for another job.

Can’t afford to retire

A fifth plan to start a business or make money from a hobby.

But one in eight said they had to stay working because they could not afford to retire – with half of these admitting they did not have enough pension savings. Of these, most feel they will not have enough money to stop working until they are at least 70 years old.

The data comes from financial giant Prudential, who spoke to 1,000 people reaching state pension age this year.

Stan Russell, a retirement income expert at Prudential, said: “Our research has shown that a period of ‘pretirement’, where people choose to delay their retirement plans, change jobs, earn a living from a hobby, or go part-time, instead of giving up work altogether, has become the new norm for retirees in recent times.

Retirement choice

“Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to make the choice – many will find themselves having to work on for financial reasons while others may be forced to give up work for health reasons.

“Saving as much as possible as early as possible in their working life is the best way for many people to ensure they have control over their financial futures, and are well-prepared for a comfortable retirement that can begin when they want it to.

“As retirement becomes more of a process than a single moment in time, the majority of us will have an idea of how we would ideally like it to pan out.”

According to government figures, around 560,00 people reach the state pension age each year.

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