Free QROPS iPhone and IPad App Keeps You Connected

If you follow the news and analysis provided by, then our new free QROPS app is ideal for you.

You won’t miss a headline with the app for iPhone and iPad – and you can also keep track of your likely Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) value with the handy built-in investment calculator.

Just select your age and some details about your fund, and the calculator does the rest – showing estimated pension pot values and the amount available for tax-free drawdown.

The app is the first and only IoS app serving the QROPS market.

QROPS news when you want it

“Live moves fast and vital information can sometimes pass us by, so we put the app together to help busy clients keep an eye on their QROPS pensions,” said Chris Wright.

“This neat little app automatically updates every time you iPhone or iPad is connected to a wi-fi network and saves the information for when you are read y to take a look.”

The QROPS App is a free download from the iTunes store

Just load the app on to your iPhone and/or iPad and you will stay connected to wherever you are in the world.